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Can you name the Hogwarts Denizens?

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Hogwarts Founder, Symbol is Eagle
Hogwarts Founder, Symbol is Badger
Hogwarts Founder, Symbol is Serpent
Hogwarts Founder, Symbol is Lion
Headmaster for all but Harry's seventh year.
Potions, DADA during Harry's sixth year, Headmaster in Harry's seventh year.
Ancient Runes
History of Magic
Muggle Studies for all but Harry's seventh year.
Muggle Studies in Harry's seventh year.
Defense Against the Dark Arts in Harry's seventh year.
Centaur, Teaches Divination
Substitute Care of Magical Creatures
Groundskeeper, Sometimes teaches Care of Magical Creatures
Broomstick Flying, Quidditch Refferee
Care of Magical Creatures during Harry's first two years
Defense Against the Dark Arts during Harry's first year
Defense Against the Dark Arts during Harry's second year
Defense Against the Dark Arts during Harry's third year
Defense Against the Dark Arts during Harry's fourth year
Defense Against the Dark Arts during Harry's Fifth Year
Potions during Harry's sixth and seventh years
House elf friend of Harry's used to belong to the Malfoys
House elf that used to serve the house of Black
House elf that used to belong to Barty Crouch
Painting covering the entrance to the Gryffindor common room
Friend of the Fat Lady
Three-headed Guard dog
Hagrid's Dog
Headmaster when Tom Riddle was at school.
Slytherin Ghost
Hufflepuff Ghost
Ravenclaw Ghost
Gryffindor Ghost
Slytherin Headmaster. Has a portrait in 12 Grimmauld Place
Filch's cat
Hagrid's Dragon
Crazy Knight Painting
Hogwarts Poltergeist
Student in same year as Harry Potter, Becomes Herbology professor
One horned horse
Lives in the black lake, huge
Horned water demons that live in the Black Lake
Hippogriff that eventually belongs to Sirius Black
Skeletal Horses
Willow that likes destroying things
Dumbledore's Phoenix
Leader of the Headless Hunt
Ron's Rat
Hermione's Cat
Ghost that haunts the girl's bathroom
Acromantula that Hagrid keeps in the forest
Centaur Leader
Groundskeeper when Molly Weasley was at school.
Slytherin's Monster
Hagrid's giant half-brother.

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