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QUIZ: Can you name the Gods of RuneScape?

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God of Order
God of Chaos
God of Balance
God of Justice
God of War
God of the Control
Goddess of Nature and the Elves
God of Monkeys
God of Cabbages
Ancient God, killed by Guthix
Boar-like goddess, blinded by Guthix
(Menaphite) Lord of the Kharidian Desert
(Menaphite) Goddess of Fertility and Growth
(Menaphite) God of the Dead
(Menaphite) Goddess of Destruction
(Menaphite) Most playful and unpredictable goddess
(Menaphite) Crocodile headed goddess
(Menaphite) God of Knowledge and Bodily Health
(Menaphite) God who fell from grace
Mahjarrat who may or may not be a god.
God of the Mountain Tribe
Elder Goddess of Time
Elder Goddess of Constancy
Elder Goddess of Freneskae
Elder God affiliated with ice and cold.
Elder Goddess associated with trees and forests.
Multi-headed hydra god, now deceased.
God killed by Bandos.
Fremennik god that stood for heroism.
God killed by Jododu Otoku.
Artificial god created by Nomad.

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