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QUIZ: Can you name the Creatures and Races of Middle Earth?

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Gondor, Rohan, Bree-lands, Harad, Rhun, Dunland KhandAragorn II Elessar
Rivendell, Grey Havens, Lorien, MirkwoodLegolas Greenleaf
Erebor, Khazad-Dum, Iron HillsGimli, Son of Gloin
The Shire, Bree-landsFrodo Baggins
Misty Mountains, Moria, Mordor, Dol Guldur, Angmar, AngbandBolg, Son of Azog
Mordor, Moria, The Wild, AngbandTom, Bert, and Bill
Isengard, MordorUgluk
MordorN/A (Advanced Trolls)
IsengardN/A (Crossbreeds)
Mordor, Angmar, Dol GuldurWitch-King of Angmar
Valinor, AngbandMorgoth / Melkor
Valinor, MordorSauron
Isengard, RhogsobelGandalf
Moria, AngbandGothmog
HaradN/A (Elephant Like)
MordorN/A (Nazgul Mounts)
Cirith Ungol, MirkwoodShelob
Eagle's EyrieGwaihir the Windlord
Barrow DownsN/A (Evil Spirits)
Dunland, IsengardN/A (Spies of Saruman)
Fangorn ForestTreebeard (Fangorn)
Fangorn Forest, Old ForestOld Man Willow
Angband, Tol-in-GuarhothThuringwethil
Angband, Tol-in-GuarhothDraugluin
Forests, Mordor, IsengardN/A (Orc mounts)
Gundabad (In the movies), Misty MountainsN/A (Evil flying creatures)
Borders of MirkwoodBeorn
Misty MountainsN/A (Large stone creatures)
Blue Mountains, Nagorothrond, EreborSmaug

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