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Forced Order
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What is the name of the episode she was first eliminated in?
What color does Eva wear?
In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Island, who does she have an alliance with?
When Eva returned to the island, who did she hate for voting her off the first time?
When interviewieng the campers at the Playa De Losers, who does Eva say she wants to win?
When Eva is interviewing Hamish McTavish, who or what does he claim he saw?
What 'animal' was involved in Eva's dare in 'I Triple Dog Dare You?'
Who is Eva arm-wrestling in the theme song?
Who attempts to take Eva's MP3 Player while she's listening to it, foreshadowing Heathers plan to steal it?
What does Eva say when Courtney claims there are witnesses to her being wrongfully voted off?

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