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Can you name the The Most Random Game Ever Part 8

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If you aren't alive, you are
Bee's make
A female deer is a
Family Guy is set in a town called
The Simpsons is set in a town called
The name of galaxy is also the name of a chocolate bar called
The fictional character of Madea is portrayed by a male actor named
What kind of animal is Cujo?
What does the rating NC-17 mean?
One millenium is how many years
St. Patricks Day is in the month of
The Vatican is located in
The Devils number is
American Horror Story's third season is called
Freddy Kreugers mother's name is
Christmas Eve is celebrated on
How many stripes does the American Flag have?
What bone does a human have, that doesn't have the body part for?
What app lets you record 6 second videos?
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