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One of 2 main characters
One of 2 main characters
Main character little brother
Main character big brother
Best friend of big brother
Host of Shake it up
Enemie twins
Enemie twins
What meal did Rocky need to eat to get her meal for free?How heavy?
Who had the key to the handcuffs in the first episode?
Who froze in the spotlight of the auditions to get into the shake it up Chicago?
What is Cece's real name?
What type of dance video did Ty, Flynn, and deuce make?
Who drank Rockys spit out milk?
What other two people did the generation dance with Cece and Rocky?
Who is Deuces girlfriend?
What do rocky and Cece call cereal and milk in a bag?
What does Deuce have to do to date Dina?
Who was Deuces first Girlfriend?
What zombie show did Ty, Deuce, and Flynn make?
How much money do rocky and Cece have left on their debit card at the restaurant?
Who are lonelyboy and glitter girl?
What does Flynn think is in the kitchen cabinet?
What restaurant did rocky go to to show how generous they were to Deuce and Ty?
What show mixed with Shake it Up?
What color hair did the real Duncan sisters have?
How do Cece and Rocky get to each others apartment?

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