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'____ ______' is on the case!Name
Chanel's full nameName
Chanel #5's full nameName
Chanel #6's full nameName
What number do you call if you're in trouble according to the new security guard?Full Number
Is your name Munsch because you like to munch ___?
The name of the university
The new mascot after the red devil
How did Chanel #4 die?In One Word
Who was sad they never got to find out Chanel #2's ethnicity?
The necrophiliac
Who did Boone leave all his possessions to in his will?
Who is the most important person in Chad's life as he stated at Thanksgiving?
Whose family came to America on the Mayflower?
What is Chanel #6's Social Security Number?
Who shot Chanel with a crossbow?
Chanel #3 believes Boone is a ____ when he takes off his fake beard?
'Didn't you see the movie?' 'Ouija? __. __ ___ ___.'
What event was Nickelback performing for?
'Where did you get pufferfish venom?'Reply
How many degrees does Chanel like her drink
What game do the Radwells play at Thanksgiving?
Who tried to kill Melanie Dorkus in her bedroom?
What is Chad's Mother's name?
Who is Gigi in relation to the killers?
What was Chanel #5's reason for being in the meat locker the night Chanel found out Chanel #2's body was missing from there?Example: She was hungry
What does Chanel give Ms. Beane to scrub the floors with?Specifically
Whose last name is Clemens?
What event would Chanel's mother not let her attend because of a zit?
What was the candle vloggers name?
Boone said 'All i do is work out and ____ ______'
Predatory Lez's real name is ___.
What spray does Denise bring around with her everywhere?
What fast food restaurant does she usually use the spray on?
Where does Shandelle work?
Where specifically does she work?
Who is the Hag on Shady Lane?Include previous answer
It was a plan __ years in the making'Write it out
Who is referred to as 'the walking jawline'?
Who is referred to as 'Jack Skellington'?
What color does Chanel need to be able to write on Zayday?
Who is obviously Mary Todd Lincoln?Obviously
What does Zayday keep under her bed?
Who put the hydrochloric acid in the tanner that almost killed the previous president of Kappa house?
Who is obsessed with Playlists?
What time does Chanel host her Black Hairy Tongue Party?And AM or PM?
Who is the british guy in love with Zayday?
What is Zayday's favorite meal?
Who says 'uber-confused'?
Who is the Red Devil?

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