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Who is the adult turtle in the Eastern Austrailian Current?Finding Nemo
Marlin and Dory get saved by this pelican from the seagulls
Who is Bloat?
Who are the 2 sharks rather than Bruce?
What is the only line that both Anchor and Chum say to eachother at the same time? (Not Bruce)
Who is the wife of Marlin?
What was ^^ killed by?
What did Marlin want to name his kids?
How many eggs did they have?
What colors are Deb and Flo?
Who was Doc known as before the accident happened?Cars
What are Sally's hotels called?
'C-Chica, C-Chica'Who said this?
What does Flo's licence plate say?
Who gives Lightningmcqueen a whole new makeover?-Stickers
What does everyone call the machine that fixes the road?
What number is Lightning mcqueen?RaceCarNumber
At the End of the movie, what does Lightning McQueen want dinoco to do for him?
Who is Lightning Mcqueen's agent?
What are the names of the two twin girl cars?
What is Sully's full name?Monsters inc.
Name the only human you see in the movie?
What should a monster never do when scaring a human child?
What energy source is better than screaming?
What is Randall's special skill?
What flavored snow cones does the abominable snowman gives Mike and Sully?
What cereal was Boo eating?
How many eyes does Mr.Waternoose have?
'Uh, my friends call me Phlem'Who Said This?
Who is Mikes girlfriend?
What is Eve ordered to find?WallE
What does the captain think he can plant with seeds?
How do you spell the Vacuum robot?1 word
Disinfectant Robot
What is the ship called?
What robot does perfect hair,makeup and nails?
What kept the plant safe in Walle's body?
What does walle use to fly in space?
What are you not allowed to do in the pool?
What Life on Earth does Walle make friends with?
What is the name of the villain that you only see at the end of the movie?The Incredibles
What is Wednesday Night supposed to be?
What is the name of Violets crush?
What is the name of Violets School?
What is the name of the babysitter Violet and Dash hire for JackJack?
Who is the man that placed a bomb on Incrediboy's cape?
What is the name of the old lady that Bob wasn't supposed to help but did anyway?
What is Dash's teachers name?
What does Dash want to do in school but his mom wont let him?
What is the name of the person who saved Bob from Syndrome before Elastigirl?
What does Andy get for Christmas?Toy Story 1,2,3
Where did the Alien squishy toys come from?
What did Woody hide in when entering ^^?
Where does Andy write his name on his toys?
What is the name of the kid that does mutations on his toys?
How many eyes does the spider toy from ^^'s house have?
What is Jessies horse friend's name?
Al's ___ ____Als' store
What does Al dress like to advertise his store?
What country are Bullseye, Woody, Jessie, and Prospector trying supposed to go to?
What is the entrance the toys use to get back to Andys house at the end of the movie?
Name the baby toy?
What is the first room you see the baby in?
What is the Daycare called?
What is the dinosaur's name at the little girls house?
What is the little girls name?
Where were all the toys originally supposed to go?
What is the porcupines name?

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