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What is the name of the last episode in Season 1?
What is the name of the first episode in Season 1?
What actress portrays the clones?
What was Paul's job that made him commit friendly fire, which is what Dr.Leekie can use to blackmail him?
What is the name of the French clone?
When did Orphan Black Premiere? (Month Day, Year)
Who is Helena's Birth Mother?
Who is Art's current partner?
Who did Alison think her monitor was?
What is the Germans full name?
Who is Alison's daughter?
What is Alison's last name?
How much money was in Beth's bank account?
Who is Alison's son?
What is Cosima's Tag Number?
Who's house did Paul say he was staying at, thinking Beth(Sarah) is trying to avoid him?
What is the name of evolution Dr.Leekie gives presentations about?
Who is Cosima's monitor?
What is Paul's last name?
What message did Sarah send to Rachel Ducan via email in the end of the season 1 finale?
What is Olivier's birth name?
What is the last word that is said in the season 1 finale?
What was the name of the person that Beth shot and had to go to trial for?
How long has Donnie been Alison's monitor?
Who is Aynsley's husband?
What is the name of the project of the experiment on the clones?
Finish this quote: Just one. I'm a few. No family too. ________?
Who is the last clone to be seen in the season 1 finale?
What is the name of Aldous Leekie's Research Institute?
Whose tail did Helena cut off?

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