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What killled Terri?Final Destination
What is the number of the Flight?Final Destination
Carter died from a falling sign at what cafe??Final Destination
Who had the premonition?Final Destination
Which actress made an appeaance in two out of the five movies?Final Destination, FD2
Who does she play in the movies?Final Destination, FD2
Who had the premonition?Final Destination 2
What is the road called that the pile-up occurs on?Final Destination 2
What object killed Alex Browning?Final Destination 2
In the premonition, what stopped Nora from stepping on the brakes?Final Destination 2
What clue was given of how Tim was going to die?Final Destination 2
Who had the premonition?Final Destination 3
Who sat with Julie on the roller coaster?Final Destination 3
Who gave Julie the bracelet?Final Destination 3
Who brought a camera on the roller coaster in the premonition?Final Destination 3
3 survivors died at a coffee shop calledThe Final Destination
Who had the premonition?The Final Destination
Who died in a pool?The Final Destination
Who is the first survivor of the the McKinley Speedway Crash to die?The Final Destination
What is the name of the movie Lori and Janet go to see?The Final Destination
What is the name of the spa where Isaac dies?Final Destination 5
Who had the premonition?Final Destination 5
What is the name of their company?Final Destination 5
What song does the radio mysteriously switch to on the bus?Final Destination 5
Who was revealed to have been on 'The Devil's Flight' roller coaster ride?Final Destination 5

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