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What is Numbuh 1's real name?
What is numbuh 5's real name?
What is numbuh 5's sister's name?
What Show do they mix with in one Movie?
Who is numbuh 1's girlfriend?
Who is numbuh 86?
Who does she hate?
Which boy specifically does she always fight with?
What is numbuh 2's full name?
Who does numbuh 4 love?
What is kuki's favorite rainbow monkey?
What is numbuh 84's favorite weapon to use?
What is sector V not prepared to be attacked?
What is numbuh 1's favorite sandwich?
Who defeats the dodgeball wizard?
When Abby and Hoagie try to save the first grade, what do they have to save?
What is Wally looking for when he goes into the couch?
Where did Chad want to send the moonbase?
What does Kuki type in the computer for the password in operation ICECREAM?
What does sector V use to defeat the common cold?
Who created the monkey Lisa?
What color is the Fourth Flavor?
What is Hoagie's favorite food?
Who does Kuki love in episode HOSPITAL? (Name not Numbuh)
Who tells Numbuh 1 about the splinter cell?
Who is Numbuh 86's father?
How many children does ^^ have?
What does numbuh 4 do to get the most candy for halloween?
What does Lizzy think about her bathing suit?
What does sector V eat for breakfast?

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