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Craig's high school girlfriend
Marty's wife/ex-wife
Second string Quarterback
Running back that transferred to Georgia Tech
Defensive back/Thad's sidekick
One of the nerds that do football player's homework
Head Coach
Starting Quarterback
Marty's arch enemy/The Dean
Cheerleader/Sammy's sister
BMS recruit/Golden Arm's real name
One of the head cheerleaders
God in Thad's vision quest
One of the head cheerleaders/Thad's private cheerleader
Religious starting QB in season #1
Linebacker/Team Captain
MMA fighter that 'trained' Sammy
Team Mascot/Alex's bestfriend
Famous NFL player that went to BMS
Assistant Coach
Thad's Bosnian sister
Name of the QB that held the passing TD's in one game record until Alex beat it
BMS recruit/went to high school with Craig
The Cougar/had sex with everyone on the team
Offensive Coordinator
Other nerd that does football player's homework
BMS' La Crosse Captain
Offensive Lineman

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