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Surrounding quoteMissing word(s)Character being quoted
Oh the usual. I bowl, drive around, the occasional _______'The Dude'
Three thousand years of beautiful tradition from Moses to ___________Walter Sobchak
Lord. You can imagine where it goes from here. _____________'The Dude' Response to Maude Lebowski
F*cking ______ year olds, Dude.Walter Sobchak
Forget it Donny, You're ______________________!Walter Sobchak
That ______ really tied the room togetherMultiple
OVER THE ______!Walter Sobchak
This ___________ will not stand, man.'The Dude'
Come on, you're being very un-_______. They'll call backWalter Sobchak
What was with all that _________ sh*t, Walter?'The Dude'
There's just one thing dude- Do ya have to use so many ____________The Stranger

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