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Can you name the Aliens from the board game 'Cosmic Encounter' ?

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to TriumphDominion
of TransmutationDominion
to OozeMain Game
to FishDominion
to PartyAlliance
of NegationMain Game
to PwnStorm
of PrivilegeDominion
to Take a SpinAlliance
to Loot and PillageMain Game
to MarryDominion
to ThreatenStorm
to IntimidateIncursion
of ResilienceStorm
to ServeAlliance
to EqualizeMain Game
to ReinforceConflict
to Change FormConflict
of Divine InterventionMain Game
of Time TravelIncursion
to ChangeAlliance
of FortificationMain Game
of The ClawConflict
to ReplicateMain Game
to ExchangeStorm
to ScheduleStorm
to PreserveIncursion
to RefractAlliance
to SmashMain Game
of BionicsAlliance
of RiskDominion
to NegotiateDominion
to WhirlStorm
of DualityIncursion
to CommandMain Game
of ContagionIncursion
to HauntDominion
of HarmonyConflict
of TechnologyDominion
of GuiltIncursion
of DiscoveryDominion
to ExtortAlliance
to Fetch Main Game
of TheftMain Game
to ReekConflict
to OverwhelmMain Game
to AdhereIncursion
of VengeanceIncursion
to BluffMain Game
of LeadershipAlliance
to OutwitIncursion
to FeastIncursion
to GorgeConflict
to PetrifyAlliance
of GravityConflict
of IgnoranceDominion
of RevengeMain Game
to GrumpStorm
of AttritionIncursion
to HackMain Game
of RageMain Game
to HealMain Game
to ChannelDominion
to SpawnAlliance
of HumanityMain Game
to BuildConflict
of InvasionConflict
of Wild CardsDominion
of FiatDominion
of SacrificeMain Game
to BlindDominion
of WorldshipsIncursion
of SpeedAlliance
to TransmogrifyDominion
to DevourIncursion
of UpsetMain Game
of JoyDominion
of InsanityConflict
of ContinuityMain Game
of MassMain Game
of PrestidigitationIncursion
to Hurt YourselfMain Game
of Bounty HuntingIncursion
to HireIncursion
of Mass HypnosisDominion
to ImitateConflict
of KnowledgeMain Game
of DelusionDominion
of ReversalMain Game
to HoardMain Game
to BlusterMain Game
to GobbleStorm
to SlanderDominion
to RegenerateMain Game
of CommunityStorm
to ProtectMain Game
to ForeseeMain Game
to WaylayStorm
of PeaceMain Game
to InfestMain Game
of LoyaltyStorm
to EvolveDominion
of InstabilityStorm
of GivingMain Game
to LiftDominion
to RaidDominion
of GraftingIncursion
of ToxicityAlliance
to NeedleStorm
to PredictConflict
of HalfAlliance
to SupplyDominion
of RadiationDominion
of RebirthAlliance
of ReincarnationMain Game
to AwakenConflict
to ClingMain Game
to ControlAlliance
to ReinforceMain Game
to BreedStorm
to Booby TrapConflict
to Inflict PainConflict
of WisdomAlliance
to ScavengeStorm
to Alter RealityAlliance
of TruthIncursion
to ExecuteMain Game
to LureConflict
to DoubtAlliance
of LazinessStorm
to InfiltrateStorm
to WhineIncursion
of MagicMain Game
to Crash LandMain Game
of Unimaginable CutenessStorm
to SubstituteAlliance
of Identity Theft / to PanicStorm
of FlatteryStorm
of SymbiosisIncursion
of PatienceMain Game
to Ebb and FlowStorm
to SightseeDominion
of TransferenceMain Game
of PossibilitiesConflict
of ThriceMain Game
to SubjugateStorm
to AccroachDominion
of CatharsisMain Game
to MultiplyMain Game
of PerceptionConflict
to EradicateMain Game
of VolumeStorm
to JourneyDominion
to SalvageMain Game
of AttackConflict
of NecromancyMain Game
of MasteryMain Game
of ChoiceMain Game
to Win MoreAlliance
to SwirlDominion
to TunnelStorm
to TranslocateStorm
of WelcomingConflict
of BalanceDominion
of ImmortalityMain Game

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