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I just can do, do, doAl1 (Performance Team)
You're always by my side
Whatever words I miss youAn Ode
I want a new level
Oh what the funk yo
Make it worth
You don't have to be alone
I can feel it, I can feel it
I feel like I'm loosingAl1
Electronic network love
Now dive in, dive in, dive in ooh
Tell me you're mine, tell me I'm yoursYou Made My Dawn
The thirteenth month's dance TEEN, AGE
Words that aren't the truth An Ode
Even if I'm a fool Going Seventeen
Luv me, luv me, luv me, luv me, luv me
Throw it in the air
Turn right
I'm so stupid
Holding back my tears, hiding my fear Director's Cut
Baby chocolat
Don't be gone too long
Rappin' the P man
I'm so thankful and sorryGoing Seventeen
Baby's calling my happiness
Oh summer, summer, summer, summer oh
Play with me hey, hey baby play with me
Secretly laughing, secretly cryingYou Made My Dawn
Like earphones in your pocket TEEN, AGE
Where are u my happiness
They're like ocean waves
I want to say hello
I'll know uh
Why do I feel like my grip loosening
Whisper, whisper yeah
Baby you're my angel
Let me hear your voice We Make You
It's painful to face you
Paralyze paralyze me, I cannot cannot do anything
My life is so beautiful
That can't be turned back
Cause you, you're my everything
Baby it's alright, I'll call you mine
Our studio TEEN, AGE
Got me singing like
Boxed in, boxed in
Yo S. Coups, here's the baton man
Throw your hands up, throw your hands up, throw your hands up
I'm like a bird
Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh I really like you
Hit me, hit me, hit me, hit me, hit me
Altough i have a lot of tearsAl1
Camera lens pointing at you
Watch me and my team
I wanna be your morning baby
All yoi wanna do is bang bang bang and click catching and take my money
Does she love me? Does she love me not?
I only have you in my heartDirector's Cut
I'm waiting just for you
Don't be afraid
Back, back back, back back
Everything turns gray
We're already beautiful
I know that it's so hard
I wanna go right now Seventeen Mixtape
I know I'm not the best rapper
All I thinking about is you
The sound of our song, the sound of our laughterTEEN, AGE
Easy come, easy gone
I'm a flowerJapan 2nd Single
You say, you say, you say
Deep forest woodYou Make My Day
When you're talking about love
What is this sensation, what do i do? Love & Letter (Repackage)
So I won't be sorryTEEN, AGE
Cause you're my flower
You, you're my miracle, oh miraclethe Tale of Nokdu OST
A piece of you, a scene of you DK ft. Yang Da Il
My 9teenA-TEEN 2 OST pt. 2
This might be my everything, everything, everything A-TEEN OST pt. 3
I want you to say my name
Straight down like a gyro drop
Ladies and gentlemen, they call us BooSeokSoonBooSeokSoon
I graduate and follow the hyungsMixtape Vol. 13
2015 is the lotto number Vernon ft. Don Mills
Oh now i know that you're the sweetest thing Chocolate OST pt. 1
Listen my appeal Yoon Jong Shin & Seventeen (Vocal Team)
I, I, I, I want you baby, I, I, I need youS. Coups, Woozi, Vernon ft. Ailee

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