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AnagramSeriesNumber of Words
Do Boys Coo?2
Race Junkies2
Tan Wolf Headman5
To Pact2
A Flossed Shorn Loony4
Refined Tuxes3
May If Ugly2
Bogus Poems1
Madly Ashamed Fit3
The Rafted2
Oh Seer1
Withering Ten Etches A Baa4
I Grip Gloss2
Bartenders Host Sirs3
Floury Manifest2
Mad Radiance2
Idle Fens1
A Dank Kennel3
Lard Backed1
Ad Games1
Haup Stork2
Trendy Major3
Privy Thrall Brush4
A Attainable Shard Revert4
Crowd Hoot2
AnagramSeriesNumber of Words
Dwarf Hooting2
Pro Bearskin2
Commanded Hell Limit4
Rune Howl Toffee3
Bored Lout2
Cat At Kart2
My Rapid1
Lunar Pasture1
Homelier Twins Win A Baa Tool6
Brute Peel2
Beached Frivolity4
Insolent Thefts2
Eyetooth Whim Rumor5
A Laborer Texts Dory2
A Lit Barred Nutrition3
Oh Use1
Wet Autopilot2
Shipment SOS2
Joky Myth Elsewhere4
Fox Chatter3
Mastery Agony2
Forgetful Whippers3
Themes Turns2
Bog Rebirth2
A Contortions Tree2
Fume Dab Everyone3
Bathed By Churn3

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