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DefinitionParts of a Rabbit
The lower part of the body--abdomen. From the bottom of the last rib to the pelvis.
The front portion of the body between the forelegs and neck
The sides of the face below the eyes.
A pendulous fold of loose skin that hangs from the throat.
The front part of the head between the eyes and the base of the ears.
Consists of the foot, hock, stifle (knee), and hip joint
The rear portion or section of the body
The joint that attaches the hind legs to the trunk of the body.
The area of the foot that carries the weight of the rabbit
DefinitionParts of a Rabbit
The second joint of the hind leg-connects the thigh to the leg.
That portion of the back on each side of the vertebrae from the last rib posterior to the hip joint.
That part of the rabbit connecting the head to the body.
The two openings of the nose leading to the internal structures of the head.
The curved portions of the sides immediately back and under the shoulders and above the belly.
The upper, rounded part of the hindquarters.
The upper portion of the back.
The upper joint of the foreleg, connecting it to the body.

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