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I've been waiting...
I need to make a personal dance party.
Even things created by other humans should be considered.
...this f*cking contortion.
...vibrations forming my personal currency.
I'll twist and tinker every circuit that's inside.
Asleep in their beds while our bodies contort...
Scraping their knees...
...your first instinct is now your last.
For as long as the light of the sun still dances across every sea.
Rape scene scream, car crash bash, black cat splat.
A path which seemed to be covered in sunshine...
Born into a hell... I never wanted to wake to this.
Neither constructed or taken away.
...and stew up that imagination...
Wrinkle-free clients of doom.
They merge with the black in decay and neglect.
Faking our own thoughts and sounds...
The idea of dreaming in a dream...
The blaring, yellow sphere.
Engulf the shadows it creates.
Blinking around the bubble of the paranoid.
Bebop skippity tippity tap those toes.
Ghosts slowly disappear in the fog...

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