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Can you name the following characters, places, and objects based on the Drizzt Do'Urden novels?

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LetterCharacter, Place, ObjectHint
ARuler of Silverymoon
BSecond House of Menzoberranzan
CTelepathically communicates with whoever posesses it
DWarrior monk; Wife of a priest of Deneir
EUses a magical dagger and sword called Charon's Claw
FThe leader of Bregan D'aerth wears this in his hat
GDeity worshipped by Obould Many-Arrows
HThe Body of the Ghost King; destroys Crystal Shard
IOne of Drizzt's scimitars
JWears an eyepatch, boots, and a wide-brimmed hat for flair
KRight hand of Bregan D'aerthe
LCity of Sails
MThe goddess of the weave
LetterCharacter, Place, ObjectHint
NThe art of raising the dead
OHouse of Menzoberranzan known for psionics
PDruid Dwarf
QMatron Mistress of Arach-Tinilith
RSarcastic mage on Deudermont's ship
SElected position of Shoudra Stargleam in Mirabar
THaven for outcasts; Bryn Shander is one
UWhere Drizzt spends his childhood, below ground
VDrizzt's sister
WCity of Splendors
XFourth house of Menzoberranzan; Famous for their wizards
YIllithid; One third of the Ghost King
ZDrizzt's Father

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