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In which episode does Sean 'Burny' Harris feature?
What type of delivery girl does Gwen pose as in Everything Changes?
Where does Captain Jack first encounter fairies?
Who are the names of the three people who travel from 1953?
What year do Tosh and Captain Jack travel to in 'Captain Jack Harkness'?
Which Poem unlocked the hub when it went into lock down in 'They Keep Killing Suzie'?
Where does Gwen tell Rhys she is pregnant?
In 'Countrycide' what does the leader of village claim is the reason why he kills people?
According to Jack what is in the rain?
In which episode do Owen and Gwen first kiss?
What is the name of Ianto's sister?
How many times has Gwen been pregnant?
What is the name of the girl Oswald Danes killed?
Who does Jack sacrifice to prevent the children of Earth being taken by the 456?
Who plays Captain John Hart?
Why can't people see the lift into the Hub?
Who kills Tosh?
Who kills Vera and how do they do it?

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