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How do changes in facial features relate to changes in expressions of characters?

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What does this feature show?Facial FeatureHint
socialeyebrow shape
rebellious, sticking outear flare
outspokenupper lip thickness
persuasivelower lip thickness
sleepy or laid backeye shape
intimacy, closeness, and privatetop eye-lid thickness
intuitionnose shape
socialmouth size
mature or calculativeeye shape
conflictedeyebrow hairs
smaller, less definednose gender
What do EARS express?How a character __(plurals noun)__ and __(plural noun)__.
sinceremouth size
leads others to worknose length
What do EYES express?What characters are __(verb)__?
great starterwhere the eyebrow is more thick
careful learnerear position
disconnected thinkingeyebrow hairs
creativenose shape
schemer and plannernose tip size
quick learnerear position
thinner, rounder, more high upeyebrow gender
impulsiveeyebrows position
trend settereye width
poisedteeth spacing
secretiveupper lip thickness
longer, more angularnose gender
thicker, more angular, lowereyebrow gender
selflessfront teeth size
constant thinking, insomniaeyebrow hairs
What does this feature show?Facial FeatureHint
early bloomereyebrow hairs
detachment, objectivity, and businesstop eye-lid thickness
in conflicteyebrow shape
patienteyebrows position
great finisherwhere the eyebrow is more thick
hardworkernose length
What do EYEBROWS express?What characters are __(verb)__?
logicalnose shape
cat-like, sneakyeye shape
openessbottom eye-lid thickness
impetuousnose tip angle
listening peopleear size
forming ideaseyebrow shape
uninterested in moneynose tip size
What does the NOSE express?What a character's __(plural noun)__ are.
defensivebottom eye-lid thickness
conformistear flare
many ideaseyebrow thickness
What does the MOUTH express?How __(adj.)__ characters are.
jokingteeth spacing
detail-orientedeye width
fewer ideaseyebrow thickness
listening to selfear size
single mindedness, grim determinationeye shape
shrewdnose tip angle
reservedlower lip thickness
agressiveunderbite or overbite
stubbornfront teeth size
youthful, innocenteye shape
shyunderbite or overbite

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