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Forced Order
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Who is Percy with at the beginning of the book?
What is the name of Percy's pegasus?
Which of Percy's Demigod friends is the first to die in the book?
What is the name of Percy's pet hellhound?
Who is Percy's best friend?
Who is Hades' son?
Who is Zeus' daughter?
Who is Percy's father?
Who is Percy's half-brother?
What is the first line to the Great Prophecy?
Where does Percy go to when he leaves camp with Nico?
Where does he go next?
What is the name of Nico's mother?
Which cabin refuses to enter battle?
Which cabin does Ares hold a rivalry in the book?
Who calls Percy 'Seaweed Brain'?
Who has to give Percy permission to become invulnerable?
Who tries to dissuade Percy from swimming in the River Styx?
Where does the war take place?
Which god puts all the mortals to sleep?
Which Titan tries to persuade Percy to surrender?
Who is the Titan King?
Who is the son of Hermes that Kronos possesses?
What group arrives to battle with the campers?
Who tries to stab Percy in the back, literally?
What time does the battles take place?
What happened to the Oracle who made the Great Prophecy?
Who kills Maria di Angelo?
Which goddess helps Percy and Nico?
Which goddess told Percy to 'beware the rivers'?
Who arrives on Olympus to give Percy and Annabeth messages?
Silena Beauregard is the daughter of which goddess?
What color eyes does Kronos have?
Who does Nico convince to go and fight in the war?
Which mother and daughter accompany Hades in the Underworld?
What message must Rachel give to Percy?
Who destroys the drakon single-handedly?
Who arrives with the Party Ponies?
What is the name of the monster that fought with the Olympians?
Who saved the Olympians?
What was the cursed blade?
Why was the blade cursed?
One of Kronos' demigods tried to kill him but failed. What is the name of said demigod's mother?
Which gods asks Percy to keep his son safe?
Which of Apollo's sons used healing magic on Annabeth?
Who healed Annabeth completely?
What did the gods offer Percy?
Why did Percy give up his gift?
Who became the new Oracle?
Who is Percy's girlfriend at the end of the book?
Where did Percy and Annabeth kiss uninterrupted?

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