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Can you name the things that are also the name of a bird?

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Plump sandpiper that makes for good eatin'To shoot somebody from a concealed vantage point
Predatory bird larger than a hawkName given to the Apollo 11 lunar module
Ostrich-like bird that lives on the plains of South AmericaThe mother of Zeus in Greek mythology
Common garden bird in Europe and the AmericasLast name of 17th-century British architect Christopher
Long tailed hawk of fields and marshesBritish 'Jump Jet' that can achieve vertical takeoff and landing
Nocturnal flying bird that hunts for insects; a goatsuckerMarvel Comics villain-turned-superhero Kyle Richmond
Small seabird of the Southern OceanInfectious agent formed by a misfolded protein; more primitive than a virus
'Sea hawk' of the worlds lakes and riversAmerican tiltrotor aircraft that can achieve vertical takeoff and landing
Large graceful bird of the genus CygnusA metaphorical 'song' one might sing just before death
Common bird of urban areas throughout the worldLast name of movie captain Jack
Bird that has been domesticated in 'homing' and 'carrier' varietiesA clay target you might shoot for sport
Small fluffy flightless bird of New ZealandSmall fuzzy flightless fruit
Large thrush of the Americas or small garden bird of Europe'Holy guacamole, Batman!'
Black and white seabird sometimes called a 'sea parrot'What you might be doin' to a cigar or cigarette
Diving bird that is the national bird of CanadaA crazy person or Canada's 1 dollar coin
Gaudy birds of the New Guinea rainforests1983 hit single by former Thin Lizzy guitarist Snowy White
Bearded hummingbird in the genus OreonymphaSchool mascot of West Virginia University and Appalachian State
Small plump fowl of Eurasia1970s TV family starring Danny Bonaduce
American thrushes of the genus MyadestesA computer game you might play when you're bored at work
Comical seabirds of the family SulidaeWhat you think of when I say Pamela Anderson

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