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Who is now the Head of Mojang? (Late 2012)
New mob that flys, added in 1.4.2
What 2 items make flint and steel?put 'and' in the middle of both items.
What new item added in 1.4.2 lets you rename and repair items?
What popular Youtuber made many minecraft songs e.g. 'Minecraft Style'Also made 'Revenge'
For most items, how many can you have in a stack?
What is the most rare ore to find?The answer can be argued.
What item can you create with milk?It is edible.
What does a squid drop when killed?
What do you add to two blocks of snow to create a 'snow golem'?
Who is Notch?
How do you make a fence?How many of the item and the item name.
How many seconds it takes to mine 'Obsidian'.
Which lasts longer, Wooden items or Golden?Think Carefully.
How many lines of text can you enter on a sigh?
How many types of wood/planks there are.
Where can magma slimes be found?
What popular mod lets you add any item to your inventory?
What food got added in 1.4.2?There are 3
What happens when a villager is attacked by a zombie?

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