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First album released
First album released on a Major Record Label
First album released on Modern Short Stories Record Label
Ex-Member of Punchline that is in 'Gene the Werewolf.'
Name a band that at least two of the current members of Punchline are in. (Aside from Punchline)
What is Punchline's most recent album?
(First names accepted) Alphabetically who are the four members of Punchline right now?
Respective to the prior question, what instrument (not including vocals) do each of those four play?
Who were the members of the original three-piece band? (Alphabetically again)
What is the book written by two straight buddies, Chris Fafalios and Tony Hartman?
What number is everywhere?
'Tie me here in time, I think I'm doing alright and ...'
Just say what?
Punchline Hails from?
What song is about the place where the band is from?
When Chris Fafalios signs the newsletter, what is his sign off? (eg. Sincerely, _ _ _ Chris Fafalios)
Of all time, who is the greatest member of punchline?
Where was the 'Delightfully Pleased' CD release party? (Venue, City)
What color vinyl's could you purchase for 'Delightfully Pleased' on?
What film school assisted in the creation of the 'Ghostie' Music video?
How many albums (including EP's) have Punchline put out?
On 'Punish or PJ,' what item would PJ like to give to his girl?
'You say one word to anyone and i'm gonna _ _' 'You're gonna what?' '_ _!!!'
If the Birds are in the east, whose in the west?

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