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Who legalized Christianity?
What document legalized Christianity?
The heresy that says Jesus is a lesser God because he was created by God
Who was the first apologist?
What year was the Edict of Milan?
A defender of the faith
The first Bible to be written in vernacular was
Who translated the Vulgate?
Who was the first church martyr?
Belief that a person can get to heaven without God's grace
The heresy that says Christ is divine and only appears to be human
The heresy that said that sacraments performed by an apostate priest were invalid
A place of Christian worship built by Justinian
Martyr whose teeth were pulled out; patron saint of dentistry, dental diseases
Which martyr had their eyes pulled out; patron saint of the blind
Saint who was influenced by his mother's prayers, his study of Plato, and Bishop Ambrose
A young mother and pregnant slave-woman who were martyred
Which council stated that Jesus had two natures: divine and human?
The _____ states that Jesus is one with God the father
Who prevented Muslim conquests from reaching beyond Spain?
Who wrote: 'Jesus is related to God as brightness is to light'?
Heresy that denies Jesus' divine nature because he was born of a human
The title Pope comes from what word meaning 'father'?
What were St. Augustine's 2 most famous writings?
a society in which Christianity is the dominant organization and cultural force
The king of the Franks who converted to Christianity
What was the original name of the city that Constantine renamed Constantinople?
Heresy that believed all material things were evil and that salvation was only granted to a few, privileged people?
What emperor was responsible for the most violent persecution of Christians?
What early church bishop was eaten by lions in the Roman Colosseum?

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