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Chaperon on the quest to the ancient lands
Spirit of the abyss, father of the Giants
Weaver turned into a spider after angering Athena
Captured in a vase in Rome, son of Hades
Praetor of New Rome, daughter of Bellona
One of the 7, son of Hephaestus
Goddess of Hope
One of the 7, daughter of Aphrodite
Goddess of Night
power-hungry Augur of New Rome, sun of Apollo
One of the 7, son of Jupiter
Extremely fast horse that loves eating precious metals such as gold
Goddess of Snow
Goddess of the Earth, mother of the Giants
One of the 7, son of Mars
God of Love
Bronze dragon
One of the 7, daughter of Athena
One of the 7, son of Poseidon
She-wolf who trains Roman demigods
One of the 7, daughter of Pluto
Prophecy-spouting harpy
Titan who lost his memory after falling into the River Lithe
Greek God of Death
Goddess of magic and crossroads
Goddess that puts the quest in place
Storm spirit in the form of a horse

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