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'You've Got Mail''
In London, these are located red booths throughout the city
This is one that requires the production of fire to send out a message
Often used by deaf people
Nonverbal and often involves movements
Mark Zuckerburg
Preceded the Telephone. Begins with the letter 'T'
This method uses a series of lines and dots to communicate
A classic method in which you could 'Warn' people or create your own 'Buddy Icon'
This is the typical communication for young teenagers and it involves a cell phone
Your boss at the office regularly writes these
'Breaker Breaker I've got a county Mounty with a bird dog at yard stick 125'
Fictional. Reading each other's minds
Another word for a facial expression or smiley face when typed on a computer
Historical. A type of animal that would often carry notes.
Fictional. They used these animals in the Harry Potter series to send messages and items
PenPal's communicate with this
On a computer and requires a network
Often found floating on the ocean or a lake
_ _ _sy Fartsy
A scary movie from 2002 directed by M Night Shyamalan featuring Mel Gibson
Often seen on Major interstate highways
Has 'ew' in it.
One of the most common methods of communication
Almost Rhymes with slacks
Some airplanes can make this form of 'writing'
An annoying formcommunication that involves blowing air through pursed lips

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