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AnagramGameExtra Hint In Case You Get Stuck
PHIST BLEATImagine yourself in an Admiral-able position
SHECSPlaying this on a first date might lead to you mating
NAGD GOONS SUNDER DNAMy nerdy elven wizard will fireball your acned dwarven fighter
OGCome on you seriously need a clue?
WE REEM PINESYou've counted on playing it on your Windows computer
PLOY MOONThat flasher shared her chest with the whole community
TASCCard game may leave you without honor
BLES CARBIf your first thought was 12 points, you've probably played this
MELD HOT AXESMoneymaker, Gold, and bracelets
U TRIP RIVALS U ITYears of gathering useless information finally made worthwhile
TRI STEWSocially acceptable excuse to grope your friends for dots
CARL FARR WOOD FTWGazillions play it online daily

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