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Can you name the Miss Universe Pagaent Goes Intergalactic?

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ClueHome PlanetPlace Finished
Goddess of Love was hard to beat representing her native planet Miss Universe
Remember that girl you saw on spring break who once made your mouth drop? Her better looking sisterFirst Runner Up
Kajira was disappointed that she couldn't win for her masterSecond Runner Up
Rhea might have finished higher but her evening gown had several big rings around its collarThird Runner Up
T'Pol was highly logical with her speech on what she'd accomplish if she wonFourth Runner Up
Kara just thought it was super she was allowed to compete for her destroyed native planetFifth Runner Up
Leia was less happy about her destroyed planet but other contestants labeled her a princessSixth Runner Up
Finishing 7th out of 9 Runner Ups was coincidental and she thought resistance to her charms was futileSeventh Runner Up
Romana time travelled as her talentEighth Runner Up
Zev's lizardly libido caught the attention of all the judgesNinth Runner Up
Koriand'r was titanically pleased about winning Miss CongenialityMiss Congeniality
Her poem about the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal made two judges explode and she was disqualifiedDisqualified

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