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Instead of veal, what do Brenda and Donna actually order at a Parisian restaurant?
What comfort food is served at the Walshes'?
What unique topping does Donna like on her ice cream?
What California staple does Brandon introduce his ice skating girlfriend to?
What is the Peach Pit's most popular dish?
According to Laverne, what type of pie can you not get at the Peach PIt?
What liquor caused Brandon to get drunk and crash his car, Mondale?
What item must be exchanged to learn the location of an underground rave?
To try and win Brandon back, Emily leaves this food on his doorstep.
While at a comedy club, what does Kelly order on her cappuccino that the comedian pokes fun at?
In order to attract the aliens, what food do David and Clare bring to the desesrt?
When the gang hosts a rave in the Peach PIt, what beverage does Muntz sell?
At the Super Bowl party at the After Dark, what food is served to represent Valerie's hometown?
What beverage did David always drink when he was addicted to meth?
While trying to steal the mascot of their rival school, what snack do Kelly and Valerie offer the guards?
When Brandon visits Hong Kong, what food does Jim jokingly warn him not to ask about?
What do Donna and Clare bring to Kelly while in rehab?
What type of juice does Brandon bring for Valerie when she has the flu?
What topping does Carly never eat on her pizza.
When Felice is away, what frozen food does she stock up on for Dr. Martin?

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