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QUIZ: Can you name These Running Man Facts? {Intermediate}?

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Somin´s full name?Write with last Name
The luckiest Member?Write with last Name
Who was not an original Member?Write with last Name
Which Member is the Grasshopper?Write with last Name
Who was the Guest in these Episodes(#55, 93, 94, 116, 117, 155, 172, 173, 208)?Write with last Name
Who is the unluckiest Member?Write with last Name
Sechan´s full Name?Write with last Name
What is Haha´s real Name?Write in Korean :P
Kwangsoo´s full Name?This time not in Korean..
At which date did Gary leave?Sorry, to bring this up too.. TT
In which Episode did Joongki leave?Sorry, to bring this up..T.T
Which Members were the Song-Song Couple?Don´t have to write their last Names (Ladies first)
Which Members form the Spartace Couple?Don´t have to write their last Names (Ladies first)
Which God was Sukjin in Episode 100?
Which Kpop Group was the guest on Episode 300?
When was the first Episode released?
Who is the female Kwangsoo?
Did Twice ever came as Guest´s on Running Man
What were Jihyo and Gary called, together?
How many Episodes was Lizzy on Running Man?

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