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AimResearcher Name(s)
To demonstrate personality through 5 measurable traits
To show the interaction between traits and situations (reciprocal determinism)
To determine the extent to which a situation influences behavior (situation v. disposition)
To determine the extent to which disposition influences judgment (fundamental attribution error)
To demonstrate self-serving bias
To demonstrate social identity theory through groups that have limited contact with each other (minimal paradigm)
To demonstrate the schematic nature of stereotypes (waitress or librarian)
To determine whether steretypes can be activated unconsciously (elderly stereotype)
To demonstrate the existence of illusory correlation (negative stereotypes of minority groups)
To demonstrate the extent to which aggression is learned through observation
AimResearcher Name(s)
To determine the extent to which infants observe and imitate modeled behavior
To demonstrate compliance via the foot-in-the-door method
To demonstrate the importance of lowballing as a compliance technique
To demonstrate the formation of norms in an ambiguous situation
To demonstrate conformity in a non-ambiguous task
To replicate Asch's experiment using members of ingroups and outgroups
To determine the effect of a group on decision making (risky shift)
To determine the extent to which collectivists show compliance foot-in-the-door techniques

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