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Can you name the Pardus Sectors (NZ, PC)?

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ClusterSector NameLet me think...
Where the heck is thisIt's like hell. No place to repair even.
Pardus Federal ContingentName goes well with that of the next sector.
PFCName reminds me of the word 'smurf'.
PFCExcellent cloning chambers. 100%
PFCThe bluest
PFCI've heard of it... it's blue.
Pardus Union ContingentNot really blue?
PUCNot blue at all.
PUCThe ride of the pods!! HW!
PUCDefinitely more to the yellow.
PUCIt's to the right.
Pardus Empire ContingentIt's below the sector above.
PECNo pods for sale here => homeworld.
PECMany men in a single car.
PECWho is this Cyon guy anyway. Is it Syhon?
PECSomething happened here.
PECName goes well with that of the next sector.
North Pardus RimIt's a good sector. Choke.
NPRUgly glowy, asteroidy, wormholy.
NPRIso Diso Fe, Disoem, Iso Diso.
NPRExotic station! Serves martini!
NPRNook the passage!!
NPRThree times the same syllable.
NPRAnother nook.
NPRJump jump jump away away.
NPRBig southeast nook, lots of nebula out of it.
NPRGas planet. It can double ho.
NPR2 nebulas, 1 energy, 349 asteroids, 1 M class.
NPRChoking Zs!! And TSS!
NPROne of the longest chokes! No good for ambushing though.
NPRLots of stuff here, I guess. 3 nebula clouds..
NPRSounds like a word with ph.
West Pardus RimIt's weird and choky.
WPR man!My favourite sector. Ambush spot, FP...
WPRE matter
I told you it's WPRMore nook.
WPR againI'm sick of nooks.
Yes, WPRI don't know, it's kinda nice...
WPRTrravelers bewarre, you'll be enslaveD, D class.
WPR!Zs all the way to 80!!
WPRIt's below the previous one.
ClusterSector NameLet me think...
WPR!!It sounds like the name of a sector.
WPRThere's a roidworm horde near a certain station.
WPRDid you say jump jump away away?
WPRI'm listing them randomly.
WPRIt's a word in ancient Rashkiri language.
WPRNook in the north.
WPRI missed this one!
WPRGood X squad spot!
WPRThere was an ISP diagonally up from the base... unless they moved the SB.
WPR...Slave Traders anyone?
I said WPRIncident. Hmmmmmm.
WPR alrightNever been here. I bet it's MOed off.
South we go!!Shape: a rabbit with pumping heart.
South Pardus RimShape: fish
SPRShape: ugly nooked snake
SPRShape: rooster with raised hand
SPRShape: homeworld
SPRShape: waterfall
SPRShape: fat alien holding a WH.
SPRIt's like a rainbow of pirates. Yes.
SPRJump jump jump - away?
SPRShape: little yellow chick, red wing blue eye
SPRIt's got a dragon den!
SPRNook. Go through the rock rainbow above.
SPRIt's the forementioned rainbow of asteroids.
SPRGas planet. Reminds me of something.
SPRIt's above AN 2-956. By the way...
SPR... XX 1-111 type of sectors...
SPR... are not included. Haha.
East Pardus RimNorthwest corner!
EPRFamous pirate, what else do you want?
EPRChoke! Careful!
EPRJump jump away away. It has good BCs.
EPRFamous ambush spot?
How about EPR?I once set my homeworld here. It was nice.
EPRCan you imagine!
EPRD planet, top right corner.
EPRBlue crystals!! Jeff K Foam!
EPRI like the smell of it. Zs right below.
EPRI've been here, hunting.
EPRYavin 4, Icy Pardus version
EPRNot really a choke! Ha!
East Pardus Rim!Dragon den to the right.
Time for LANE!!One hell of a corner nook.
LaneChoke, asteroids and radiation. Poetry.
LaneJust like on star wars but with 2 Os.
ClusterSector NameLet me think...
LaneIt's a titan.
LaneI sense the dark side of TSS
LaneGoo & BC
LanePirate den
LaneHere was my first op!
LaneIt is a homeworld with interesting landscape.
LaneSpacescape, I mean.
Lane jump initiatedLane lane jump jump...
LaneThe most beautiful passageway.
LaneThere's at least one blue crystal here.
LaneNook in the southeast part.
LaneIt's like a whale with a walking stick.
LaneHuge with lots of rocks floating.
LaneIt can easily be nooked. And it is.
It splits my head to be here.Away you jump jump!
SplitExcellent tea.
SplitTwo nooks in the north, one choke in the south.
Split stuffBiggest non-whole-sector nook I've seen tonight.
Split more stuffChoke in the middle.
SplitNebula with the shape of a swordfish.
And split againDragon den.
Split I sayAnother choke point.
Won't you split something?Big nook in the northwest corner.
SplitDragon den in the south!
SplitThey pod you, you fly here.
SplitThis is where Perry pods you.
SplitAnd here too.
SplitPirate den on the way to 3 nooks and BCs.
SplitI once ambushed here. Didn't trigger.
SplitIt's a hellish place. Unless you live here.
SplitClose to Fed teritorry.
Go Around PleaseSmall nook in the northwest corner.
GAPNook in the huge energy cloud in the middle.
Gap2 planets, eh?
GapIt's spacious and with F.
GapSo what if it's green?
GapFamous pirate in a den, how appropriate!
GapDo BCs always accompany E matter?
GapIt puzzles me, this sector.
GapSounds like a cigarette.
GapNooks to the east and a choke between them.
GapAnother word in ancient Rashkiri language.
GapD class, 2 nooks.
GapIt's FROZEN I tell you!
GapYou have to jump jump away here too.
WPR againBecause it's really my favourite sector!

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