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Can you name the Devil May Cry 3 bosses by the strategy used to defeat them?

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Can be defeated only using Cerberus
The best way to defeat it/them is to use air-borne attacks
Can be defeated by striking it's one eye
Can be defeated by being deiced and having its heads cut off
Can be defeated only after it stops shooting and stops in the middle of the arena
Can be defeated only when the two enemies by it are momentarily defeated
The easiest way of defeating it is to jump at it's long body when it emerges from a hole
The best way to defeat him is to strike him as he is attacking
The easiest way to defeat them is to take down their health equally before killing one of them off
The only way of defeating it is to lure it close to the light before turning it on
The best way to defeat her is to stay uptop on the pillars
The easiest way of defeating it is to use Trickster to dash away from its arms swinging
The best way to defeat him is to pray to the gods to give you luck, because damn dude chill the hell out with that dashing bullshit and let me finish this damn game!

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