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Can you name the Super Mario RPG Locations?

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The Usual Antagonist's Residence1
Finest Spot for Gazing at #12
Main Protagonist's Residence3
Best Route to Voyage from #3 to #54
Helpless Mushroom Territory5
Open Field Used to Defeat Purple Petty Thief for First Time6
The Mushroom's Septic Tank7
Roarin' Falls Minigame8
Baby Frog Hangout9
#4 - Fungus + Expensive Red Flower = ?10
Neighborhood Good for Target Practice 11
Perplexing Woodland Labyrinth12
Cylindrical Path to #1413
Long Tounged Lizards Land Mass14
Underground Mammal Region15
Underground Mammal Tunnels Prone to Cave in's16
Direct Path From #16 to #1817
Creepy, Hairy, and Dimwitted Man's Playground18
Princess Saving Steep Incline Minigame19
World Renowned Matrimony Chapel20
Mound for Covert Wish Reading21
Salt Water Settlement22
The Vast Blue Ocean23
Submerged Vessel Remains24
Region Almost Off the Map25
Pooch with Ravenous Appetite's Sanctuary26
Community of Friendly Beasts27
Field of Musical Fruits28
'Grate' Place to Unintentionally Deprive Oneself of Coins29
Gravity Defying Cloud Kingdom30
Molten Rock Erupter31
An Alternative Dimension's Penultimate Peril32
Final Brawling Arena Before The End33

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