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Can you name the Pirates of the Caribbean Facts A-Z?

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The 3rd Movie's SubtitleA
Sparrow's/Barbossa's ShipB
Name of the Toungless PirateC
Where All Pirates Go When They Are Claimed By the SeaD
Company That Wants to Rid the World of All PiratesE
Davy Jones's ShipF
Title Given to Weatherby SwannG
Barbossa's First NameH
Island Containing Cursed Treasure, Later Claimed By the SeaI
Name of the Undead MonkeyJ
Davy Jones' PetK
Pirate Who Lost Both of His Arms and Part of His EyeL
The Name of One of the Marines in the Royal Navy, Whom Always Seem to ArgueM
Section in Disneyland Where the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride isN
Actor's First Name Who Plays William TurnerO
Trinkets Used to Imprison and Later Free CalypsoP
Term Used to Describe the Navigator of a Naval VesselQ
Favorite Drink Among PiratesR
Sao Feng's HometownS
Notorius Pirate PortT
Anyone Who Stole Treasure From the Cursed Chest of Cortés Became...U
Dark Magic Used By Tia Dalma to Give Someone PainV
Name Given to Female ProstitutesW
Gaming Device Used to play 'Pirates of the Caribbean' the GameX
'_ _, _ _, a pirate's life for me!'Y
Actress' First Name Who Played AnamariaZ

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