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Forced Order
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What was that promise that you made?
We've lost our good old mama and must have whisky, oh, you know why
Oh tell me where your freedom lies, the streets are fields that never die
Don't ya love her as she's walkin' out the door
Try now we can only lose, and our love become a funeral pyre.
She has robes and she has monkeys, lazy diamonds studded flunkies.
The night was dark the sky was blue, down the alley the icewagon flew.
Ride the snake...
Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago.
We chased our pleasures here, dug our treasures there.
Girl ya gotta love your man.
Pirate prince at her side, starin' into a hollow idols eyes.
Yeah my knees got weak.
Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.
Do you think you'll be the guy, to make the queen of the angels sigh?
The old get old and the young get stronger, May take a week and it may take longer.
Women seem wicked, when you're unwanted.
The face in the mirror won't stop, the girl in the window won't drop.
Let's swim to the moon, uh huh, let's climb through the tide.
Mr. Mojo risin'...

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