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QUIZ: Can you name the CHESS the musical trivia?

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Anatoly and Molokov are from...?
Freddie and Walter are from...?
Florence is from...?
The game the musical is about?
The musical takes place in two cities. First...
Then, something more oriental...
This person played Anatoly first (in London)
This person played Florence first (in London)
This person played Freddie first (in London)
Anatoly's wife's name is...
On the 1986 concept album, three songs ('The Arbiter', 'Difficult and Dangerous Times' and 'The Merchandisers') are combined into one track called...?
CHESS is written by this Swede...
...and his Swedish friend...
...and this British lyricist:
In CHESS in Concert, the embassy officials are played by British a capella-group:
What are Anatoly and Freddie called on the concept album?
The lyric 'Let man's every nation tear themselves apart...' is from which song?
The lyric '...When you play at this level, it's no ordinary venue. It's Iceland, or the Phillippines, or Hastings, or this place...' is from which song?
CHESS premiered in London in...?
CHESS has been performed in how many countries since it's world premiere?
On the Concept Album, who sings 'The Arbiter'?
What is Walter's TV-channel called?
What is Frederick's last name?
What is Florence's last name?

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