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Can you name the Skylanders from the powers and hints.?

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FlameballsLegendary Purple Dragon
Golden GunsRussian Gremlin
Harpoon GunScottish Gillman
AxeOrc Warrior
Bow & ArrowsBlindfolded Elf
Eye LasersRobotic Dragon
Sword & ShieldArkeyan Skeleton
Tail SwipeRock Dragon
DaggersNinja Elf
Electric BlastWater Dragon
Super ScreamMummy Griffin
Knuckle DustersShark Boxer
Horn RainbowsHalf-Unicorn Half-Dragon
Mace TailCrazy Ghoul
Lightning BreathFormely Evil
Magic StaffMakes Doubles
Drill RocketsArkeyan Machine
Four FistsThe Snow Beast
BazookaJamaican Bambazooker
Magic SkullsDark Elf or Drow
TongueMagically Enhanced Grub Worm
Lava LobAfrican-American Lava Monster
Hammer HandsFormely A Tree
Crystal BeamsCrystals
Dynamite SticksFormer Evil Troll
Fire SwordDwarf to Fire Spirit
Lightning BoltsLooks Like Zeus
Sun BlastMum's a Tree
Flamethrower BreathMum's a Volcano
Shell SpinRides A Tornado
Heavy MaceCrustacean King
Many PotionsAlchemist
Tail Blast and Diamond WingsDiamond Dragon
Javelin and ShieldIce Guardian
Paws, Bark and PoopDog
Wrench and MinesGoldling
Spear and Undead OstrichElf/Ostrich
Vacuum-Jet GunAvian
SlingshotMushroom Ent
Twin Swords Genie Giant
HammerCrystal Giant
Chained AnchorWhale Giant
Flamethrower Hand and Oilsprayer HandOil/Lava Giant
Gun FingersRobot Giant
Fists & Eye BeamGiant Eye/Headless Giant
StingersBee Giant
Giant FistEnt Giant

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