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Can you name the Justice League members from the Avengers?

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Alter EgoSuperheroPowers
Clark KentSuper strength, flight, laser eyes
Bruce WayneMartial arts, gadgets, advanced dectective skills
Princess Diana of ThemysciraSuper strength, flight, amazon weaponry
Hal JordanHard light constructions, light blasts, flight
Barry AllenSuper speed, speed brawling
J'onn J'onzzTelekinetics, invisibility, shapeshifting
Katar HolMace, flight, advanced technology
Arthur CurryWater breathing, sealife communication
Oliver QueenBow master, advanced arrows
Zatanna ZataraMastery over sorcery
UlthoonAir and wind manipulation
Kent NelsonThe magics of Order
Dinah LanceUltrasonic scream
Ray PalmerAtoms that can change his size and mass
Billy BatsonThe power of Shazam!
Alter EgoSuperheroPowers
Tony StarkAdvanced weapons and technology
Thor of AsgardHammer, lightning mastery, flight
Dr. Bruce BannerSuper strength
Dr. Hank PymSize manipulation
Janet van DymeEnergy blasts, flight
Steve RogersSuperhuman abilities, shield
Clinton BartonAdvanced archery skills, martial arts
Nicholas FuryTwo pistols, martial arts
Natasha RomanoffArtillery, martial arts
T'ChallaAthletics, increased senses, genius level intellect
Peter ParkerSpider abilities, web shooting
Wanda MaximoffSorcery, flight, hex manifestation
Carol DanversSuper strength, energy blasts, flight
Steven StrangeMental abilities, sorcery
Matt MurdockIncreased senses, blind, breakable staff

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