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Doesn't dieWeighted Ball
Doesn't dieBow and Arrow
Shot in the head and hand by KatnissSword, Hook
Mauled by the MuttsSickle Sword
Accidently ate poisonous Nightlock berriesNone
Slammed into the Cornucopia by ThreshThrowing Knives
Impaled with a javelin by MarvelNone
Shot in the heart by KatnissSpear, Sword and Shield
Neck snapped by CatoSpear, Mines
Died while Katniss was asleepClub
Stung to death by Tracker JackersBow and Arrow, Knife
Killed by Glimmer with Cato's swordNone
Neck slashed by CatoNone
Stabbed by ThreshSpear
Clove threw a knife into his backAxe
Stabbed repeatedly by GlimmerNone
Possibly killed by MarvelNone
Knife flung into her chest by CloveKnife
Stabbed in the neck by MarvelBow and Arrow
Back sliced by CatoNone
Bashed into the supply case by D8 BoyKnife
Killed in a fight with CatoHook
Strangled to death by CatoNone
Chest sliced by MarvelNone

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