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Can you name the Pokemon Names gen 2?

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King Horse
Static Kid
The Slowest
Water Dog
Hat Crow
Sun Flower
Leaf Head
Spooky Ghost
Lil Elephant
Feared Gator
Doomed Dog
Team Rocket
Green Spyder
Horn Beatle
Not'a Tree
Fire Shrew
Bigger Leaf
Pika Blue
Shok Sheep
Dreidel Dreidel
Magma Baby
Glide Bat
Bug Lady
Da Giraffe
Lil Fish
Dino Pedal
Water Mouse
Psychic Fox
Coral Peice
Round Pinecone
Medal Bird
Naw'n Gator
Lil Seed
Ice Weasel
Dilivery Bird
Toga Toga
Angler Fish
Dragon Fly
Ape Hand
Sheild Puppa
Pig Nub
Red Octapuss
Baby Owl
Fish Lamp
Alpha Better
Bigger Nub
Steel Snake
What'da Shuck
An Artist
Dark Dog
Volcano Snail
Pink Sheep
Bigga'igga Bat
Furry Ferret
Lava Slug
Kiss Baby
Snip Hands
Cotten Jump
Fire Dog
Mud Blob
Dark Fox
Psy Chick
Black Widow
Not Pikachu
Dancing Bell
Seed Hop
Bad Bear
Lil Larva
Wrestle Kid
Pink Baby
Skip Flower
Totum Bird
Froggy Frog
Dirt Fish
Spark Sheep
Moon Bear
Egg Holderer
Bull Dog
A Pinecone
Errupting Weasel
Croc Tot
J'less Jiggle
Just Hatched
Hot Shrew
Vanoss Gaming
Wheel' Ephant
Lady Bug
Golden Bird
Round Racoon
Ground Bug
Silver Flyer
Big Manity
Time Pixie
Shok Dog
Da Deer
Double Porygon
God Zilla
Puffer Fish
A Cow
Byte Bull

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