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Can you name the Gen 1 pokemon by 2 words?

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Forced Order
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Forrest Frog
Evil Oyster
Spiky Rhino
Bone Bash
Water Fox
6 tales.
Tiny Turtle
Camo Lizard
Hot Dog
Water Duck
Bird 3
Flaming Unicorn
Anger Rhino
Weed Sound
Kinda Slow
Baby Dragon
Very Slow
Cicada Horns
Bird 1
Sad Mushroom
Little Pigeon
Creepy Hypnotist
Tad Pole
Big Pigeon
Mad Bull
The Clone
Bud Frog
Kick Boxer
Two Spoons
Crying Bell
Poke Ball
Egg Carier
Red Crab
Talking Cat
Flame Lizard
Bigger Pigeon
Giant Kangaroo
Psychic Cat
Turtle Tank
Great Ape
Fighting Frog
The King
Buzz Bee
Shadow Ghost
Shelled Fossil
Butter Fly
Pink Fairy
Punching Guy
A Pterodactyl
Wind Dragon
Licking Turtle
Big Cat
Praying Mantis
Odd Radish
Fight Monkey
Sleepy Tapor
Wiggly Rabbit
Parasitic Crab
Purple Nat
Feared Bird
Bulb Frog
Ugly Carp
Mushroom Crab
Fossilized Scyther
Upsidedown Pokeball
Snake Backwards
Pollution Ball
Blind Bat
A Cocoon
Bite Rat
The Queen
Teleport Baby
Spin Frog
Four Arms
Jiggly Balloon
Meditate Pod
Gold Duck
Sala Brander
Giant Moth
A Dugong
Professional Wrestler
Screetch Bat
Weed Worm
One Spoon
Pink Fable
Magma Monster
Famous Mouse
Star Fossil
Kobra Backwards
Pup Pyro
Fire Fox
Bird 2
Tongue Clam
Poison Flower
Baby Caterpillar
Sea Horse
Gravel Ball
Ripoff Charizard
Girl Porcupine
Female Porcupine
Brown Fossil
Lightning Shrek
War Tortoise
Lochness Monster
Koi Fish
Mucky Sludge
Male Porcupine
Boy Porcupine
Triple Moles
Bigger Seahorse
Obese Panda
Cool Squid
Tangled Up
Haunt Ghost
Palm Tree
Unevolved Mouse
Magnetic Ball
Gold Fish
Purple Rat
Nicki Manaj
Spiney Armadillo
Karate Kid
Ostrich Trio
Magnetic Balls
King Crab
Sand Dig
A Seal
Burning Pony
Normal Fox
Double Starfish
Graphic Duck
Cruel Octopus
Water Dragon
Loud Bell
One Mole
9 Tales
Skull Cub
Purple Blob
Gas Ghost
Stone Snake
Pink Transformer
Spoiled Eggs
Star Fish
Double Pollution
A Mime
Onion Duck
Small Sparrow
Electric Fox
Floating Rock
Conjoined Ostrich
Dino Boulder

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