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Jenny Wu wants to fly from Chicago to Atlanta as quickly as possible. If there were no wind, her course would be 150 degrees and she wwould fly at the plane's top speed of 450 knot
(-2,-3,-4) x (3,4,8)
Vector AB + Vector BC
Row 1 = (2,3) Row 2 = (4,5). Evaluate the Determinant
Let U = (3,4) find [U]
Let U = (3,4) find U x U
What is the Probability that Michael 'Sully' Sullivan is disliked by a group of 100 people (Including Himself)
Probability that Tom will go to Subway for lunch today?
When does MacGruber come out in theatres nationwide?
How Many Games Did it Take for the Bruins To Beat Buffalo in the Last Round of the 2009-2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs?
Who does Terry Francona typically play cribbage with on team road trips?
How many minutes in Monday classes do we spend on how each of our weekends were as a whole class?
Find the Midpoint of (6,3) and (2,1)
Find the Midpoint of (72,27) and (6,3)

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