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Can you name the real or fictional sailors?

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Italian explorer who sailed the ocean blue in 1492
Captain of the Pequod, famous pursuer of a white whale
Drunken Caribbean pirate portrayed by Johnny Depp
Portuguese explorer who first sailed from Europe to India
Popular cartoon character and spinach aficionado
Jules Verne's captain of the Nautilus in '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'
British privateer known to his enemies as 'The Dragon'
Mariner who hawks his own eponymous breakfast cereal, as well as Crunch Berries
Captain of the HMS Bounty and victim of a famous mutiny
Persian sailor who battled the Cyclops, among his other adventures
Main character in C.S. Forester's adventure novels, portrayed by Gregory Peck and Ioan Gruffudd in film
Mythological leader of the Argonauts
Rum mascot known for his unusual stance
British naval hero who stands vigil over Trafalgar Square, London
First European to circumnavigate the globe, his name now appears on a brand of GPS receiver
Revolutionary War captain who had '...not yet begun to fight!'
Leader of the Kon-Tiki expedition
Five Star Admiral nicknamed 'Bull'
French conservationist, inventor of the aqualung and captain of the Calypso
Jonas Grumby, captain of the S.S. Minnow, is better known by this name
Main character in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous 'Rime'
British explorer who first reached Australia and died in Hawaii
Strawberry-obsessed captain of the Caine - his crew mutinied
Infamous pirate known by his ebony facial hair

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