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Reimu's home
Kappa and Tengu mainly found here
Kanako, Sanae, and Suwako's home
Hina Kagiyama is found here
Located at the heights of Youkai Mountain
Momiji patrols here
Marisa and Alice live here
Mokou lives here
Kaguya, Eirin, Reisen Inaba, and Tewi are found here
Guarded by Hong Meiling
Those who stumble into Gensokyo end up here
Komachi ferrys souls across this water
Endless flower garden
Hakugyokurou is found here
Featured in PC-98 and UFO
Tenshi is found here
World Down Under Gensokyo
Satori & Koishi Komeiji, Rin and Utsuho live in this Palace
Home of Byakuren Hijiri
Rinnosuke Morichika owns this place
Mysterious Mansion located within the Lake of Blood
Located under the Myouren Temple
Home of the Prismriver Sisters
A castle in the sky near the base of Youkai Mountain
Field full of sunflowers, Yuuka Kazami can be found here
A lake located at the foot of Youkai Mountain, home to Cirno and Wakasagihime.
A sea located on the near side of the Moon.
Earth's natural satellite. Also the Lunar Capital is here.
Lost village somwhere around the Great Hakurei Barrier
This place is ruled by Doremy Sweet.

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