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Can you name the Warhammer40k Races?

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Brightly colored, 4-armed, insectoid race. Propels itself across the ground with mass of tenticles.
Gray humanoid race from the Taurus systems. Practice the philosophy of 'The Greater Good'.
Sphere-like creature that live in the vacuum of space. Problem solving abilities and group tactics imply tribal intelligence.
Flying insectoid with 8 eyes, and massive foot claws. Often ally with other Xeno species.
Green, fungal humanoids with a natural affinity for technology.
Race known for having asymmetrical bodies. Heavily mutated by warp exposure. Consists of two subspecies.
Race known as 'Dog Soldiers'. Often ally with other Xeno species against humanity.
Long-legged race with a plated exoskeleton. Known for stowing away on ships and rarely stepping into lighted areas.
Insect race with 6 limbs and a rigid mane running down it's back. Sucks it's fluid foods through a proboscus.
Very human-like race adept in psyker(psykic) abilities. One of the galaxies long lived races.
Avian race of the planet Pech. Known for evolving around what they consume. Serve as mercenaries.
Race of The Imperium. Home world of Holy Terra.
Reptilian/Insectoid race known for striping planets bare of biomass. Come in many different strains and variations.
An ancient race with a very mechnical appearence. Often have weapons attacted to they're bodies. Somewhere between Xeno and construct beings.

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