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Number of minutes it took to hear Andy Rooney gripe?
Number of Jordan jerseys sold (most of 'em anyway)?
Number of tears that fall when ? cries?
Number that puts you in a no-win situation?
Number used even when playing Russian Roulette in Moscow?
Number of issues Shawn Carter has excluding the one that a lady friend might be causing him?
Number the very first Baby-Boomers hit in 2012? I'll give you +/- 1 on this one.
Number of miles of barbed wire walked by Bo Diddley, George Thorogood or anyone else who sings 'Who Do You Love'?
Number where I will always stop letting someone hit me?
Number of years Vincent Damon Furnier had lived by 1966 but failed to sing about for 5 more years?
Number of top Masons?
Number of foam fingers?
Number of MTV-related pregnancies?
Number of hours Nolte gave Murphy?
Number of legal skating Predators when they all stay out of the box?
Number of years it took Janis Ian (not the one in Mean Girls) to learn the truth?
Number that the 'Red Rocker' dude can't abide?
Number of specific things Julia Stiles disliked about Heath Ledger, I guess?
Number of runs you get from a Denny's Grand Slam, if Denny Neagle is serving them up?
Number tier of the 80's band who sang 'Something About You'?
Number you were wondering if and how it would be included, but Sprocle is family friendly so just guess it already!
Number of baby George wanted and Susan Ross did not?
Number of spins needed for a 7 inch record?
Number needed for Supreme judgment?
Number needed for an hour of Bauer power?
Number of albums sold by Adele since 2008?
Number of keys to creating Chopsticks correctly?
Number of Lions and Bears, but not Tigers? Oh my!
Number of Points Scorcese used in violent 2002 film?
This is a Beast of a question. The sum of the first this many natural integers (n) equals the sign of the Beast? The formula to find the number is 1/2n x (n+1)=SOB (Sign o' Beast).

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