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This wrestler was 'erased from WWE history' because of his racist comment.
This wrestler has three different aliases. Dude Love, Mankind, Cactus Jack
Who defeated John Cena in their first match on the main roster?
Who is the first WWE Undisputed Champion?
This wrestler has a podcast on the WWE Network. (Very popular)
Who was the first Divas Champion?
Who headlined two Wrestlemanias in a row for the WWE title against John Cena?
Who is the current Divas Champion?
Who holds the record for most eliminations in the Royal Rumble?
Who is the Canadian wrestler who was just diagnosed with cancer?
This wrestler is one more title reign from the record breaking reign of Ric Flair.
Name all members of the Shield
Who destroyed Seth Rollin's statue?
Who is married to AJ Lee?
This wrestler is one of the greatest of all time, longest-lasting gimmick, and has only lost one Wrestlemania.
Who is the longest reigning Divas Champion? (She didn't earn this title reign.)
This wrestler won the Royal Rumble from number #2.
Who has the entrance theme 'Retaliation'?
This wrestler was in WWE and then left to go to another company. He wears a gold medal.
This diva was the first female WWE Intercontinental Champion and associated with Triple H.

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